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Can Collagen improve your sleep the ultimate FAQ

Can Collagen improve your sleep the ultimate FAQ

Can Collagen improve your sleep the ultimate FAQ

Securing sufficient rest and embracing our beauty sleep is crucial, yet many of us neglect this fundamental necessity. Inadequate sleep doesn't just leave us feeling drained—it wreaks havoc on our bodies, potentially leading to weight imbalances, compromised immunity, draining our vitality. Thankfully, there are strategies to bolster sleep quality, and collagen may hold a surprising solution...

Unexpectedly, collagen's benefits transcend further than just appearance. Introducing collagen into your daily wellness routine could provide you with enhanced sleep. How/ Its notable glycine content, an amino acid which acts as an inhibitory neurotransmitter, effectively calms the central nervous system, fostering relaxation and facilitating deep sleep. Many studies also show that this amino acid has been proven to help improve sleep quality. 

What is collagen and why do we need it?

The human body relies significantly on collagen, a protein that makes up 30% of its total protein makeup. This vital protein serves as the foundational element in various bodily structures, including skin, muscles, bones, tendons, ligaments, and other connective tissues. Additionally, collagen is distributed throughout organs, blood vessels, and the lining of the intestines.

Collagen production reduces as we age so it is important to restore and maintain our collagen levels to optimise health. Having a healthy diet and getting enough sleep is key – however, Collagen supplements may offer additional support to the body. From reducing wrinkles to enhancing sleep quality many Collagen supplement takers have experienced benefits from adding Collagen into their daily routine.

How does Collagen enhance sleep?

Studies have suggested that collagen may play a role in enhancing sleep quality. This is attributed to the presence of glycine, a protein found in collagen that serves various essential functions in the body.

Formulated specifically for improving sleep, Revives’ Beauty Sleep Collagen Drink Includes a variety of clinically proven ingredients (DailyZz) minerals and vitamins to aid rest and get you on track to a healthier sleep cycle.

Enhanced sleep quality can be attributed to two main factors: body temperature regulation and serotonin levels. Body temperature regulation is crucial for facilitating sleep onset and maintaining uninterrupted sleep throughout the night. Glycine also aids in lowering body temperature, promoting better sleep.

Additionally, glycine is a precursor to serotonin, a neurotransmitter essential for mood regulation and sleep-wake cycle management. Serotonin, in turn, contributes to the production of melatonin, the hormone responsible for regulating circadian rhythms and promoting sleep. Thus, the presence of glycine in collagen indirectly supports the production of serotonin and melatonin, ultimately improving sleep quality.

Will getting a good night's sleep improve my skin?

While you're catching some sleep, your body increases blood circulation to the skin, resulting in a fresh morning glow. Throughout the day, your skin battles various stressors and works tirelessly to shield itself. However, during sleep, it enters a crucial phase of repair and rejuvenation, known as "recovery mode," which can occur up to three times faster than during waking hours.

When sleep is compromised, elevated cortisol levels can hinder skin repair and collagen production. Introducing Revives’ Collagen Beauty Sleep Drink before bedtime not only supports deep sleep for enhanced skin restoration but also provides the essential building blocks for new collagen synthesis.

Scientific studies have demonstrated the effectiveness of Marine Collagen in improving skin hydration and elasticity while diminishing visible signs of ageing. When combined with Vitamin C, known to promote collagen synthesis, this process is further enhanced, resulting in optimised skin health and vitality.

Are there other benefits of taking Collagen to support sleep?

Absolutely! Revives Collagen Supplements include ingredients which aid bone and muscle health. Introducing these collagen supplements may also help to ease joint pain and lead to quicker muscle repair. Alleviating pain and muscle damage reduces fatigue leaving you to get the most out of your energy levels whilst also getting a better quality of sleep.

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