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Liquid vegan collagen

New Launch Alert: The World’s First And Most Effective Liquid Vegan Collagen Supplement

After years of research, testing and clinical trials, we are proud to announce our newest addition to the Revive Collagen family: Revive Collagen Vegan. As it’s a world- first with lots of exciting ingredients and science behind it, we'll run you through everything you need to know about this game-changing 100% plant-based liquid collagen drink. It’s perfect for vegans, beauty enthusiasts and those looking to make more sustainable swaps without compromising on results.

Revive Collagen Vegan also comes recommended by Consultant Dermatologist, Dr Alia Ahmed: “I’m passionate about collagen as an effective and holistic approach to skincare, so it’s very encouraging to see a vegan collagen alternative that has impressive results in clinical studies, especially when more people require plant-friendly alternatives to fit within their lifestyle. The fact Revive Collagen Vegan is also packed with essential vitamins and nutrients is very positive; these alternative dietary sources are not only great for the hair and skin, but also important in complementing overall health”.

What Is Vegan Collagen? 

Collagen supplements are used worldwide but up until now, most of these products weren’t suitable for vegans and vegetarians as they contain animal products i.e. Marine collagen contains fish and bovine collagen comes from cows. 

With an increasing desire to balance beauty and wellness, whilst caring for our planet, we recognised a sizeable gap in the market for a efficacious plant-based alternative to collagen which worked to stimulate fibroblasts to produce collagen internally, mimicking human type 1 collagen - something no other vegan product on the market does.

Vegan liquid collagen

Revive Collagen Vegan: The Ingredients

So if it’s not made from animal products and only includes natural ingredients, then what is Revive Collagen Vegan made of? 

The most important ingredient in Revive Collagen Vegan is the vegan collagen formula itself. This contains 2,500 MG of VeCollal Collagen per sachet, which is a vegan collagen substitute that identically mimics human type 1 collagen. Besides the collagen itself being vegan and sustainable, Revive Collagen Vegan also has a 85% lower carbon footprint in comparison to bovine collagen. 

Other ingredients of Revive Collagen Vegan include:

  • Panax Ginseng - Renowned for antioxidant & anti-inflammatory properties
  • Retinol (Vitamin A) – Helps promote skin renewal and enhances collagen production, leaving skin brighter and more youthful looking
  • Vitamin B6 - Helps to reduce tiredness and fatigue and contributes to the normal function of the nervous system, psychological function, normal red blood cell formation as function of the immune system
  • Vitamin B7 (Biotin) - Helps to stimulate keratin production and promotes healthy hair. Contributes to the maintenance of normal hair and skin, plus the normal functioning of the nervous system
  • Vitamins C & D - 100% of RDA of Vitamin C. Both offer antioxidant properties as well as visibly brightening the skin tone and reducing signs of ageing. Contributes to the normal collagen formation for normal function of the skin
  • Vitamin E - Contributes to the protection of cells from oxidative stress

How Does Vegan Collagen Work?

With this game-changing launch of a vegan liquid collagen supplement, we understand there are questions about how it works, how effective it is and if the benefits are equal to other collagen supplements. So let’s start at the beginning…

Collagen in the human body is made up of 21 amino acids, including glycine and proline (the most important for collagen production). Revive Collagen Vegan is a biomimetic of human type 1 collagen meaning it is identical and has the same amino acid profile of the hair, skin and nails.

liquid Vegan Collagen

Revive Collagen Vegan ingredients utilise ground-breaking fermentation and bioactive molecules from medicinal plants which work to induce the synthesis of new collagen in the body. Powerful inductors, including Vitamin C, Ginseng and Asiaticoside, are then responsible for stimulating the fibroblasts in the body to make optimal use of the collagen. 

Additionally, Revive Collagen Vegan is easily absorbed into the body and bypasses digestion. In fact, its molecules are up to 100 times smaller than those in animal collagen. This means less is required for optimal results.

The Science Behind Revive Collagen Vegan

Another reason to try Revive Collagen Vegan? It’s also backed by amazing clinical results.

Revive Collagen Vegan’s ingredients have been formulated and developed alongside collagen expert, Dr. Josué Jiménez, ph.D in biomaterials and skin tissue regeneration, who has been involved in extensive research for artificial skin, heart and pancreatic tissue using collagen technologies. 

The first groundbreaking clinical trial (December 2021) using human skin fibroblasts (the main cell types involved in collagen synthesis) indicated that Revive Collagen Vegan’s ingredients (VeCollal) increased collagen production by 134.97%. Results showed that after just two days collagen production in the fibroblasts more than doubled versus the control. 

Following this, a double blind human trial (March, 2022) consisting of 15 adults, aged 25-65 years old, showed that 80% of participants had improvements to their skin. Pioneering technology using infrared was used to measure participants skin and collagen density which showed a reduction in wrinkles by 13% and an increase in collagen density by 4.6% in just 4 weeks. 

Benefits Of Revive Collagen Vegan 

As you have read, Revive Collagen Vegan has incredible benefits for the skin, particularly in wrinkle reduction and collagen density, which helps with skin elasticity and firmness.

However, the benefits don’t just stop there. We also added an array of world-class beauty ingredients AND essential vitamins to Revive Collagen Vegan to provide you with optimum beauty and wellbeing.

For those who suffer with dry skin or inflammatory conditions, we have Panax Ginseng, which is renowned in Chinese medicine for its healing, restorative and anti-inflammatory properties - say goodbye to redness!

Our added Retinol (Vitamin A)  helps to increase skin renewal which aids in enhancing the skin’s complexion, leaving it brighter and more youthful looking. 

We also included hair wonder ingredient, Biotin (B7), which helps to stimulate keratin production which can result in healthier and stronger looking hair. This is why the vegan collagen drink not only looks after your skin, but helps to improve your hair as well!

With a host of B vitamins including B6 Revive Collagen Vegan can also help to reduce tiredness and fatigue. In addition, Vitamin B6 contributes to the normal function of the nervous system, psychological function and normal red blood cell formation as a function of the immune system. 

Not forgetting the holy grail in skincare: Vitamin C. Revive Collagen Vegan contains 100% of RDA of Vitamin C, which offers antioxidant properties, brightens the skin’s complexion and also helps to reduce fine lines and wrinkles. Combining collagen and Vitamin C can boost your collagen production even more, so it’s the perfect combination to use for a younger appearance! 

Alongside these wonderful, highly effective ingredients, Revive Collagen Vegan also contains Vitamin D & E. Many of the UK population is deficient in Vitamin D so we added a healthy dose of this key vitamin to ensure you also get the nutrition you need. Vitamin E also contributes to the protection of cells and helps to maintain healthy skin and eyes, and strengthen the body's natural defence against illness and infection (the immune system).

Vegan Collagen Flavour

Revive Collagen Vegan also comes in a new, tasty raspberry flavour packaged up in a 22ml sachet which is ready-to-drink and can be taken on the go. How does that sound for an all-in-one beauty and wellbeing shot that delivers real results?

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