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Real Women, Real Stories: Collagen & Adult Female Acne

As part of our Revive Collagen, Real Women, Real Stories campaign we champion our real customers who share their inspiring beauty stories. We hope it empowers all women to share their journeys and to feel confident and beautiful from within, no matter what they may be going through. In this article, we will be touching on what adult female acne is, what causes it, if liquid collagen can help prevent breakouts, and sharing one of our Real Women’s experiences.

What is Adult Female Acne & What Causes it?

Acne is sometimes thought of as a skin issue that only affects teenagers or young adults, so many of us never expect it to affect us in adulthood. However, adult acne or post-adolescent acne can often occur in people after the age of 25. Typically, the same factors that would have contributed to an acne breakout in our adolescence, are the same ones that cause it further down the line The four main causes of acne are, excess oil production on the skin, bacteria, and general inflammation, and our pores becoming clogged. Moreover, women are even more likely to suffer from adult acne than men, due to their varying changes in hormone levels. 

Does Liquid Collagen Help Adult Acne?

Generally speaking, people start taking liquid collagen as a way to combat signs of ageing. Naturally, as we get older our skin can lose its structure, and elasticity and fine lines and wrinkles can begin to appear. Adding just one sachet of Revive Liquid Collagen can help prevent these changes, and leave you with glowing skin from the inside out. On top of the beauty benefits, collagen may also help with the inflammation of the body, which is one of the most common factors contributing to an acne breakout. Not only that but collagen is often associated with speeding up the healing process. This means that if you suffer from acne scarring, or your breakouts leave you with blemishes long after they have calmed, then drinking liquid collagen could help you heal faster. 

Before and After Effects On Adult Acne: Shannen’s Story

Whilst our team of experts is dedicated to educating people about all the benefits that come with adding liquid collagen to your daily routine, today our amazing Real Woman, Shannen tells her story about her difficult journey with acne, how Revive Liquid Collagen has been her treatment of choice and the incredible before and after results she’s experienced so far using Revive Collagen.

“Throughout my teens and early 20s I had never really struggled with spots - I used to get the odd one when I was on my period, but my skin was generally clear and healthy. This all changed about 2 ½ years ago, just before the pandemic, when I experienced a sudden onset of adult cystic acne. It began on my cheeks but quickly spread to my jawline and chin, and then onto my forehead.

 It made me feel so upset and less confident in myself, so I started doing some research into what might help treat acne, and looked at different skincare products on the market. Other than moisturiser, I had never really been into skincare or had a particular routine with it, so it was all very new to me!

Before and After of Acne

I finally settled on a brand and bought all the recommendations of toners, cleansers, moisturisers, retinol, and Hyaluronic acid which promised to help treat acne and reduce breakouts. The main message was clear - it could take a while for it to start to work and to see a difference. However, months went by and my acne just seemed to be getting worse. Also, my spots weren’t just whiteheads - they were hard boil-like lumps, painful and horrifically red and irritated. 

I became so insecure and began wearing makeup every day to try and hide the spots, which then made me worry would further clog my pores and make the acne worse. Feeling totally hopeless, I decided to see my doctor get an understanding of why my skin had suddenly developed severe acne. My doctor prescribed me antibiotics and topical acne creams to help alleviate the symptoms – I was told this would kill the bacteria which cause the infection and subsequent inflammation. Again, I was advised I would have to wait a minimum of 8 weeks to notice improvements. 

Before and after of Acne

Once more, I waited, and the symptoms did not heal - to me they felt like they were getting worse. I became increasingly self-conscious and stopped wanting to go out; I didn’t want to be social in the fear I would be judged on the way my skin is currently locked. I used to love going about my day make-up free but this didn’t feel like an option anymore. I was even worried that my partner would start to find me unattractive because of it! It really took a toll on my confidence.

I had followed Sam since her early TOWIE days and had seen the launch of Revive Collagen on her Instagram after her own struggles with hormonal acne. At this point, I didn’t have anything to lose so in December 2021 I ordered Revive Collagen Enhanced Plus after learning it also included retinol and vitamins B6, B12, C & D.  

My only regret is that I didn’t start taking Revive Collagen sooner - After only SIX weeks my skin had dramatically cleared up. I couldn’t put the change down to anything else as I had stopped using all the other topical creams and antibiotics. 

Face with reduced redness

The inflammation and redness reduced, and the spots stopped appearing altogether. I still had a few scars on my cheeks, but my skin started to glow and looked healthy again. I couldn’t believe the difference. My focus had been on the improvements in my skin, so I hadn’t even noticed how thick and healthy my hair had also become, and my nails were so strong! 

I now take Revive Collagen religiously every single day with my morning coffee. The sachets are so convenient, and I really enjoy the taste. I have recommended it to everyone - even my dad has started taking it for his psoriasis.  

Thank you, Revive Collagen, for your miracle supplement!'

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