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Collagen Supplements Bridal Routine

Why Collagen Supplements Should Be Part of Your Bridal Beauty Routine

Wedding season is just around the corner and with the warmer months coming up, a lot of couples have the most important day of their lives in sight. There’s no doubt that most brides take their beauty preparation very seriously, taking extra steps to up the ante on their skincare routine months in advance. Not to mention, wedding planning can be hectic and stressful at the best of times which can inadvertently impact the skin and overall wellbeing - not what brides need on the big day! To ensure you’re on track to achieve your best bridal glow and minimise any stress induced skincare issues, we’re discussing why collagen should be part of your big day beauty routine.

Pre Wedding Skincare Routine: What Are The Essentials?

Whether you have naturally oily or dry skin, stress pimples can rear their heads when least expected which can make us feel more self conscious and less confident, especially when we have an important occasion in the diary. To keep your skin looking and feeling healthy ahead of your wedding day, opt for high quality topical and ingestible skincare products to your morning and evening skincare routines. Each morning be sure to cleanse and apply your SPF, Vitamin C and moisturiser to help nourish and protect the skin against sun damage and further signs of ageing. Removing makeup each day and cleansing your skin in the evening is also super important to prevent any build-up and dirt. Once cleansed, apply Retinol and your favourite moisturiser! For a highly effective way to boost your bridal beauty regime further, taking collagen supplements each day can be a great way to maximise the appearance of the skin as it works to increase collagen production internally which can result in plumper, glowier looking skin whilst reducing fine lines and wrinkles. 

Collagen As Part Of Your Wedding Day Skincare 

Our natural collagen levels start to deplete from as early as our mid twenties. That’s probably a lot sooner than you think - and if there’s anything we believe in, it’s “prevention is better than a cure”. If you’re in your twenties, we advise incorporating a collagen boosting supplement into your daily routine to retain your body’s collagen levels as they start to decline. Collagen supplements can be added as a part of your wedding day skincare routine to reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, but they can also be great for giving your skin a natural glow. As Revive Collagen’s collagen drink includes Aloe Vera extract, the product acts as an anti-inflammatory as well, helping to treat dry and irritated skin. With its long list of benefits, Revive Collagen supplements can make your bridal beauty look complete - you’ll be glowing through to your honeymoon too! 

Liquid collagen

Don’t Forget About Hair & Nails

Did you know that collagen supplements can help to improve the appearance of your hair and nails as well? Our Enhanced Plus marine collagen drink also includes Hydrolysed Keratin which is the protein building block of our hair and nails. The addition of Hydrolysed Keratin will help to promote stronger, healthier nails, as well as hydrating, strengthening and nourishing the hair. Just think, no nail dramas and your hair stylist to create that beautiful half updo or fishtail side braid you’ve always dreamt of!


As each sachet also contains Vitamins B6 and B12 which work to reduce fatigue and tiredness, which - let’s be honest - is a saving grace during all the pre wedding stress that many of us face. And don’t worry about being too busy to include another step into your daily routine - Revive Collagen’s liquid collagen comes in small individual sachets, meaning you can drink them on the go. Whether you’re on the tube, in a video call or on your way to the gym, the sachets can be easily taken with you and consumed on the go. 

So now it’s time to let go of all your worries and enjoy your big day this wedding season 2022.

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