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Banish Dry Winter Skin

3 Ways To Banish Dry Winter Skin

Did you know the winter season can also impact our skin in various ways? If you’re prone to increase dry skin flare-ups and irritation during the colder months, then keep reading! Here, we’ve put together our top three ways to banish dry skin, and how you can get your skincare routine back on track in time for a Spring skin refresh.

1. Overnight Creams Are Your Best Friend

During the winter, we may find that our skin can feel much drier. This is because the cold air, dry indoor heat, harsh winter weather, and low humidity levels can drain our skin of essential oils and moisture. When this happens, you may need to step up our moisturising - and that’s where overnight creams come in. Bedtime creams or serums are an excellent way to prevent ongoing dry skin and revitalise your complexion. 

A night time skincare routine can be really effective if you are suffering from flaky, or dry patches of skin. By applying a healthy quantity of your favourite overnight moisturiser after you’ve cleansed and before you get into bed, your skin will have plenty of time to absorb and replenish your skin of that much-needed moisture. 

2. Apply Sun Cream - Yes, Even In Winter

In the winter, the days are much shorter, leaving us with a lot less daylight. Our skin can begin to suffer from the lack of sunlight, and vitamin D, meaning that dry skin can worsen.

Dry Winter Skincare

It can also be tempting, in the winter, to cut sunscreen out of your beauty regime as you might feel it's not needed. However, even in winter, harmful UV rays are present (even through cloud) which can cause long lasting damage. To maintain your skin's health, and overall hydration remember to add a layer of SPF 50 sunscreen each morning, preferably after you’ve applied your moisturiser. 

3. Add Liquid Collagen To Your Beauty Routine

Did you know that collagen is the building block of the skin and makes up 70% of it? It provides the essential amino acids needed to renew skin tissue and maintain skin hydration. During the winter months and as our collagen levels decline with age, dry skin conditions can worsen. So, why not add liquid collagen into your beauty routine to help keep collagen levels topped up and support the skin barrier? 

Dr. Alia Ahmed, Consultant Dermatolohist: “Considering alternative sources of collagen may be helpful for people with inflammatory skin conditions in addition to their recommended treatments. As part of my holistic approach to skin, I often advise looking at lifestyle as part of the management of skin conditions. This includes diet, fluid intake, exercise, sleep, and stress, so why not collagen as well!”

Revive Liquid Collagen comes in handy, easy-to-use sachets, which are simple to throw in your bag and use on the go. Not to mention, it has a delicious tropical taste that you just can’t beat!
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