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How Do Retinol & Liquid Collagen Work Together?

How Do Retinol & Liquid Collagen Work Together?

Liquid collagen, and retinol - the two stars of any healthy ageing beauty regime! But can you use these two products together? In this article, we will be explaining what retinol is, how it can benefit your skin, and how we use retinol with collagen in order to provide optimum results for the skin.

What Is Retinol and What Does It Do? 

Retinol, much like liquid collagen, has quickly become one of the most popular skincare ingredients in beauty products. For those of you who haven’t heard of retinol, let us break down what it can do for your skin. Retinol increases your skin cell production, otherwise known as proliferation. It can also help to unclog your pores and exfoliate your skin. 

Through this, it can also increase your collagen production. Upon adding retinol to your daily beauty regimen, you may notice that your fine lines and wrinkles are reduced, and your overall complexion will be fresher, and much plumper. 

Can Collagen And Retinol Be Used Together?

In short - yes, retinol and collagen can be used together! In fact, these two ingredients can be combined to make a strong duo when it comes to anti-ageing. Retinol and collagen can be found alongside each other in many different forms, including creams, serums, and of course, liquid collagen. 

Together, these two ingredients work extremely well together. Retinol can slow the natural breakdown of collagen and is known to increase the elasticity of your skin. The result of this is your skin may look firmer, and brighter. When taking these two together, you may also notice the texture and tone of your skin improve as well.

Not only is retinol a must-have product for ageing skin, but also, it can be the perfect addition if you suffer from acne. Retinoids also contain anti-inflammatory properties, which as mentioned above, can reduce clogged pores, but are also very effective when it comes to treating hormonal acne and spots. 

How Revive Collagen Uses Retinol

Here at Revive Collagen, we believe that retinol should work in tandem with the other vitamins that we include in our products. We use a unique formula that works to boost the production of collagen and hyaluronic acid within the body.  

To help you achieve optimal results, we also include retinol in products such as our Revive Collagen Enhanced Plus and Revive Collagen Vegan. Retinol is known to promote skin renewal and enhance collagen production, leaving skin brighter and more youthful looking. 

Can I Take Liquid Collagen With Topical Collagen?

Liquid collagen and topical collagen can be the perfect pairing to help your skin from the inside as well as the outside.

Whilst topical collagen cream can act a good moisutriser, it cannot enter the dermis and boost internal collagen levels. This is due to collagen being made up of huge molecules that sit on the surface of the skin and thus, they cannot be absorbed into the dermis. Taking a supplement, such as a liquid form of collagen,  however, will help to improve your collagen levels in your body and has longer-lasting results. 

However, it is dependent on the strength and concentration of the collagen in the product, as well as the other ingredients in the formula - which is why we use some of the  highest doses of collagen in our sachets as well as world-class beauty ingredients and essential vitamins.

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