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What Should You Be Looking for in Your Liquid Collagen Supplement

What Should You Be Looking for in Your Liquid Collagen Supplement

Liquid collagen is a huge trend globally and it’s showing no signs of slowing down. Apart from keeping our skin healthy, collagen is also an essential part of our body’s scaffolding. So, before you join the millions already reaping the benefits of adding collagen liquid into their daily routine, what do you need to know? 

In this article, we’ll explain the benefits of drinking a collagen liquid like Revive Collagen in addition to what you should be looking out for before you make that all important final purchase.

Why is Collagen So Important?

When we’re young, our bodies make collagen in plentiful supply and that’s what keeps our skin plump, glowing, and wrinkle-free as well as keeping our joints strong and supple. Sadly, from our mid- twenties onwards, collagen production begins to decrease from 1.5% per year and shockingly, by our fifties, we’re already down to half of our collagen levels.

This affects the body in several ways, causing our skin to lose elasticity meaning that lines and wrinkles form, and our hair becomes less resilient too which can result in hair thinning and loss.

It’s not just the visible effects of collagen loss that can impact how people feel about themselves. With age and collagen depletion our Joints also begin to suffer with stiffness, aches, and pains. Liquid collagen, such as our Revive Collagen Original can help to replenish collagen levels from within. Our great tasting liquid sachets are premixed, meaning that you can drink them straight up, at home or on the go.

What to Look for In Your Liquid Collagen Supplement

  1. Hydrolysed Collagen

Revive Collagen uses hydrolysed collagen in our type 1 marine and vegan collagen products.  This is because the hydrolysing process breaks the collagen down into smaller molecules (peptides) with a lower molecular weight meaning that they’re more readily absorbed by the body.

  1. How Much Liquid Collagen To Take

To gain the maximum benefits from collagen, the body needs to ingest at least 6000 mg of collagen peptides daily. When this occurs, fibroblasts, the cells that manage collagen production, are triggered into action. Anything less won’t have much of an effect.

That’s why Revive Collagen Original and Revive Collagen Enhanced Plus contain much high doses of 8,500mg and 10,000mg for superior results.  Our Vegan Collagen contains a clinically proven vegan collagen substitute which is highly bioavailable to the body (its molecules are so small they bypass digestion) and has clinically proven results on the skin in just 4 weeks.  

  1. Extra Supplements

Drinking a daily collagen liquid is a smart way to supply the body with key proteins and nutrients. Components that work synergistically with collagen include Hyaluronic Acid which has a plumping effect on the skin and minimises the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, not forgetting that it also boosts skin moisture levels, to leave a nourished and smooth complexion.

That’s why you’ll find it in Revive Collagen Original along with Aloe Vera, a wonderfully soothing anti-inflammatory that also assists with hydrating and calming irritated skin.

Retinol is another ingredient that when combined with collagen has added impact. This powerful skin healer promotes skin renewal and enhances collagen production, ensuring skin is left bright and healthy looking which is why it’s in Revive Collagen’s ultimate formulation, Revive Collagen – Enhanced Plus and Revive Collagen Vegan.

There are other superlative ingredients in these liquid drinks too, so if hair is a major concern, don’t despair because added Hydrolysed Keratin and Biotin combined with collagen, delivers a double whammy to thinning hair. 

Why do we hydrolyse the keratin used in Enhanced Plus? Hydrolysing the keratin ensures smaller molecules that can be delivered via the bloodstream to the scalp, promoting hydration, nourishment and stronger hair. It’s certainly one way to bring back the bounce!

As if that’s not enough, Revive Collagen – Enhanced Plus and Vegan also contains a wealth of Vitamins, including B Vitamins; B6 and B12, proven to reduce tiredness and fatigue and support the function of the immune system. Not forgetting Vitamins C and D known for their anti-ageing and skin brightening properties amongst others. With so many proven supplements on board, you’ll be receiving the best all-round support for both skin, hair, mind and body with Revive Collagen’s expertly formulated liquid collagen drinks.

Liquid Collagen VS Collagen Tablets 

Liquid collagen and collagen tablets are two popular ways to increase the collagen levels within the body but are they both as effective? Let's look at the facts.

Liquid collagen is likely to provide the most transformative results because they are highly digestible and bioavailable. Liquid supplements have been scientifically proven to be more bioavailable to the body with 90-95% absorption rates compared to 30-40% for tablets - meaning you’d need 20 x tablets just to get the equivalent of one of our sachets! 

How? These collagen peptides have a much lower molecular weight than native collagen peptides allowing them to be rapidly absorbed ensuring effective delivery of the essential peptides and amino acids within the body.

At Revive Collagen, we want our collagen products to be as efficacious as possible in order to provide you with real results. That is why we provide liquid sachets - effective, easy and convenient to  help you look and feel like the best version of yourself!
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