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Hair Loss Awareness Month

National Hair Loss Awareness Month: 3 Ways Liquid Collagen Helps With Hair Loss

For most of us our hair is a big part of our identity so losing it can be very traumatic no matter if you’re a man or woman or what stage of life you’re in. 

In men, it’s more common to see hair loss in the mid-thirties, but what about hair loss in women? You might be surprised to learn that hair loss in women is not as uncommon as you think - don’t worry, you’re not alone. With August being National Hair Loss Awareness Month,, we’re going to talk about the three ways in which liquid collagen can help if you’re experiencing hair loss or thinning. 

Causes Of Hair Loss In Women

 According to the NHS, 8 million women in the UK experience hair loss and around a third of women will be affected by hair loss at some point in their lives.

 This can happen for numerous reasons and undoubtedly can be hugely stressful and impact self-esteem, reducing confidence . Whilst we believe that all women are beautiful,, we also believe that everyone should feel like the best version of themselves for their own wellbeing, which is why we want to raise awareness of how taking collagen may provide a solution to stressful conditions such as hair loss and thinning.  

There are, unfortunately, many different causes of hair loss in women. These are mostly due to hormonal changes or genetics. For example, some women may experience hormonal changes if they’re on birth control which can decrease levels of estrogen and progesterone meaning that the hair growth cycle is slower, hair becomes thinner and can result in hair loss.

Hair loss during pregnancy and post pregnancy is very common and something a lot of women struggle with. Another hormonal cause of hair loss is menopause. When women go through menopause, their bodies experience a lot of hormonal changes and sometimes, this can be paired with reduced hair growth and potential hair loss. This won’t affect everyone, but if you’re someone struggling with this, you’ll be pleasantly surprised to read more about something that can help with hair growth: collagen. 

Collagen And Hair Loss

You may be wondering… how can collagen affect my hair? If you’re already familiar with collagen supplements, you may know it’s commonly used to improve the elasticity in skin and reveal a brighter complexion. But did you know it can also help to promote hair growth? 

So “does liquid collagen help with hair loss?” - it absolutely can!

Collagen plays an important role in the health of the scalp and hair follicles, and it contains amino acids which are used to build keratin - this is the key protein that hair is made of.

Therefore collagen makes a great supplement for those suffering from hair loss or thinning as it can increase the body’s hair building proteins which will result in healthy growth and stronger, thicker hair. Revive Collagen Enhanced Plus is a liquid collagen drink that contains 10,000 MG of Type 1 Hydrolysed Marine Collagen, as well as Retinol, Keratin and Vitamins. Keratin in particular is a wonderful ingredient that helps to strengthen, nourish and hydrate your hair, resulting in stronger, thicker hair. 

Revive collagen

Does Vegan Collagen Help With Hair Growth?

Revive Collagen have recently launched a world- first product: vegan liquid collagen. For those who aren’t comfortable with consuming marine collagen or bovine collagen, a vegan alternative to a collagen supplement is the perfect solution. Revive Collagen Vegan is a liquid collagen supplement that comes in a handy sachet that is easy to use on-the-go, which makes it ideal to incorporate into a busy lifestyle. 

Revive Collagen Vegan contains a clinically proven liquid vegan substitute to collagen that identically mimics human type 1 collagen. Clinical trials have shown that the vegan collagen alternative boosted collagen production with 134.97% (in vitro) and 80-90% of participants in human trials had improvements to their skin in 4 weeks. 

Vegan collagen

Besides a plant-based collagen substitute, Revive Collagen Vegan Plus also contains Vitamin B7, also known as Biotin, which helps to promote healthy hair growth and may help to reduce hair loss. So, whether you’re looking for a traditional collagen supplement or a vegan alternative, Revive Collagen’s liquid collagen will help to boost healthy-looking, stronger hair in a few weeks. 

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