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Real women, Real stories

Revive Collagen: Real Women, Real Stories

Happy International Women’s Day! To celebrate all women everywhere, we’ve launched the Revive Collagen, Real Women, Real Stories campaign where some of our amazing customers will be sharing their inspiring beauty stories. We hope it empowers all women to share their journeys and to feel confident and beautiful from within. 

Donna’s Story

Today our lovely Revive Collagen: Real Woman, Donna, tells her story about her journey with peri menopause and how she experienced amazing results using Revive Collagen Original:

“At the age of 39, I went into the peri menopause which I was not at all expecting – it was a complete shock! For those that don’t know, the peri menopause is an early onset of menopausal symptoms where you can experience hot flushes, irregular periods, and skin issues such as wrinkles and acne.

After being on the coil for a number of years, I was told by my doctor that I should get a period within 6 weeks of it being removed, however 10 weeks later nothing had appeared. I wasn’t initially concerned but after doing some blood tests, I was told that I was showing signs of the peri menopause and that I had developed osteopenia (where your bones get weaker and more brittle).

I was then advised to go on HRT at the age of 43 to help protect my bones as well as help with the menopausal symptoms I was experiencing. Although HRT helped my symptoms to an extent, in 2017 (2 years later) I noticed the skin on my face was red and I was getting a few spots on my nose and cheeks.

Donna Peri Menopause

I became increasingly concerned when some of the spots resembled boils and were painful. I went to the doctors to be told I was experiencing menopausal acne and would have to go on a course of antibiotics, which would help to clear it up. Although the antibiotics did help, whenever the course of antibiotics stopped, the acne would always come back and to make things worse, I also developed rosacea acne. My face became very red and tender with more and more spots, so I was on and off antibiotics for a while - it became a vicious circle and a draining experience to say the least. I’d never feel comfortable going makeup free outside the house and would always feel self-conscious of my skin, so it really took a toll on my self-esteem.

It wasn’t until I saw Samantha’s story on Instagram about her experience of post-partum acne and the launch of Revive Collagen that I was inspired and wanted to try something new and natural. I initially purchased a 14-day supply of Revive Collagen Original and stopped taking my antibiotics - I've never looked back. I have now been taking Revive Collagen since January 2021 and can honestly say my skin looks and feels so much better. My hair has also never been so long and healthy, even my nails are stronger (they were always breaking in the past!).


I’ve haven't had acne since being on Revive Collagen which to me is an amazing result. I’m so happy that Revive Collagen was launched as it’s made a huge difference to not only my skin, but also to my confidence.

I’d recommend Revive to everyone – I’ve even got my 19-year-old daughter onto it as she has suffered with acne for several years and was also on and off antibiotics like me. She’s only been on it for around 10 days, but we can’t wait to see her results too!”

Donna and her daughter

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