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The Link Between the Mind & The Skin: Is Liquid Collagen Good For Your Mental Health?

The Link Between the Mind & The Skin: Is Liquid Collagen Good For Your Mental Health?

In this article, we’ll be exploring if there is a link between the mind and the skin, to understand the implications of our mindset on our skin conditions and vice versa.

The time of year also makes this topic quite apt, given we’re settling into winter with extreme temperature and weather changes. With shorter days, and less Vitamin D readily available, many of us can start to experience low moods. 

Seasonal Affective Disorder can be common during these months and can be caused by the reduced level of sunlight in autumn and winter which can disrupt your body's internal clock and serotonin levels, causing feelings of low mood. Did you know that Seasonal Affective Disorder impacts 2 million people across the UK? Seasonal Affective Disorder Studies also show SAD is most common in people with Vitamin D deficiency and 1 in 6 people in the UK have low vitamin D levels.  So, if you are suffering from low mood, energy withdrawals, and general fatigue, know that you are not alone and there are also small things you can be doing to help! 

How Our Skin Can Be Affected By Our Mental Health

Our skin is the biggest sensory organ and structure in our body. Its main role is to protect our vital internal organs from all the external factors that could harm them. However, our skin can also give feedback about our emotional state, and can often react if we aren’t feeling at our best mentally. Some psychological stressors stimulate the release of certain hormones, which can become destructive for this all-important protective function of our skin.

It’s vital that we take care of our skin, especially if our mental health is at a low point. Liquid collagen can be a great way to help your skin from within on a day-to-day basis. 

Dr. Alia Ahmed, Consultant Dermatologist:

“The mind is linked to the body via the brain. The brain has a stress-activated pathway that causes the release of various chemicals and hormones that drive inflammation both in the body and the skin. Feelings of emotional distress lead to the release of a stress hormone (cortisol), which is known to affect the skin in various ways, for example, affecting the immune system (making the skin less able to defend itself), driving allergic responses, delaying healing and disrupting the skin’s natural barrier. The effects seen on the skin can vary, including feeling dry, scaly, and itchy, as well as the formation of lines, wrinkles, pigmentation, signs of premature aging, and dull skin.

Using skin care as self-care is a fantastic concept that I regularly advocate. Having a more mindful way to enjoy your time with skin care can improve your experience and massage well, and enjoying the scent and texture are all mood enhancing activities. Most people take a certain amount of time a day (even if just minutes) to perform skincare routines. I strongly advise my clients to use these moments positively as they see them as forms of self-care. Your skin and body are worth it!”

Why not try incorporating a sachet of collagen into your daily self-care routine? Our Revive Collagen Enhanced Plus has added benefits such as Retinol, Hydrolysed Keratin, and Vitamins B6, B12, C & D - a beauty and wellbeing shot in one easy-to-drink on-the-go sachet. 

Sleep & Mental Health

Here at Revive Collagen, we use Type 1 Hydrolysed Marine Collagen, which is the most effective type of collagen supplement there is. Not only does marine collagen help to retain the elasticity and firmness in your skin, but it also contains glycine, which can also help you to sleep better.

Glycine is an amino acid that your body uses to create proteins. Whilst already present in our bodies, it can be beneficial to top up our natural supply with a supplement, such as eating protein-rich food or adding a liquid collagen supplement to your daily routine. 

Glycine has an overall calming effect on the brain, which can, in turn, help you fall asleep easier at night. In addition, Glycine has also been proven to lower our core body temperature and inhibit muscle activity, which makes the perfect sleeping conditions as well as allows us to access our all-important REM cycle.

Getting a good night’s sleep is directly linked to our mental health. Without getting our recommended 7 to 8 hours of shuteye, we may begin to see negative side effects such as lack of energy, memory loss, and burnout. 

Can Liquid Collagen Help With Cognitive Functioning?

Adding a sachet of liquid collagen to your daily beauty regime could even help to improve your cognitive functioning. Why? Collagen is pure protein which the brain needs to function.

When talking about the overall health of the brain, our cognitive abilities are one of our top priorities.  Our cognitive functioning allows us to perform the most basic of tasks, such as learning new things, memorizing important information, and solving problems with critical thinking.  

We’re advocates of wellbeing and promoting a positive mindset, which is why we also include

essential vitamins, including Vitamin D in our products; Revive Collagen Vegan and Enhanced Plus which contain adults' daily recommended intake of Vitamin C & D alongside Vitamins B6, B12 which are renowned for helping to boost energy levels and support the normal functioning of the immune and psychological functions, whilst reducing fatigue. 

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