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What Are Micronutrient Deficiencies?

What Are Micronutrient Deficiencies And How Can Revive Collagen Help?

Our bodies are full of micronutrients which need to be replenished regularly to maintain overall good health. If our bodies experience an imbalance in micronutrients,  deficiencies can come into play, meaning the body has a lack of vitamins and minerals. These are essential for a healthy immune system and providing our bodies with the energy we need for day-to-day life. Did you know that only 31% of adults and 32% of 65- to 74-year-olds are currently meeting their 5-A-Day recommendation for fruit and vegetables? Which of course are a key source of essential nutrients (reported by Public Health England 2018). So, it’s very likely that many people throughout the UK could be experiencing a vitamin deficiency.

In this article, we’ll look at what deficiencies in micronutrients really mean, the causes and how they manifest in the body whilst delving more into how taking our collagen supplements may help to prevent this.

What are Micronutrient Deficiencies? 

As our bodies grow and build, they rely on micronutrients in our food to maintain a steady level of health and allow for our development. We rely on obtaining larger quantities of nutrients from the likes of fat, protein and carbohydrates, as well as vitamins and minerals to provide us with our daily energy. 

However, when we’re lacking in these key nutrients and vitamins or there’s an imbalance in our bodies, we can experience deficiencies which can result in fatigue, a weakened immune system and even hair loss which can also lead to a variety of health issues. Therefore, ensuring you’re getting your daily recommended intake from your diet to maintain a steady level is key to ensuring a healthy lifestyle!

Key nutrients that are commonly lacking in many people's diet include Vitamin B12 - most of the natural B12 originates from dairy and animal products like eggs, cheese, fish and meat which more and more people are starting to reduce from their diet due to environmental and lifestyle choices.

How Can Taking Revive Collagen help?

Here at Revive Collagen, we offer Revive Collagen Enhanced Plus - Hydrolysed Marine Collagen Drink which comes in a tasty tropical flavour with a high dose of 10,000mg of marine collagen. Enhanced Plus also includes a variety of vitamins which help to support health and wellbeing such as Vitamins B6 and B12, which have proven to help reduce tiredness and fatigue. Not only that, but also, they contribute to the normal function of our nervous systems, psychological functions, normal red blood cell formation and function of the immune system. 

Liquid collagen

The addition of Vitamins C and D also offer antioxidant properties which also work to visibly brighten the skin tone and reduce signs of aging i.e. fine lines and wrinkles. Both also contribute towards normal collagen function, increased iron absorption and can help provide skin with visible radiance and glow. Each sachet of Enhanced Plus contains an adult's daily recommended intake of Vitamins B6, B12 and C, meaning it’s the ideal supplement to provide a health and beauty boost in one small drinkable sachet!

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